Enhancing Business Productivity – 4 Innovative Tools Every Online Entrepreneur Should Have

October 4, 2012 8:01 pm

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The key to making your business more profitable is to be more productive. Since that concept is self-evident, we’ll skip the lengthy introduction paragraph and get straight to introducing you to 4 awesome tools that can help you do more with your time:


AutoHotKey is by far the easiest way to automate, expedite, and simplify the use of your computer. This free application lets you assign keyboard shortcuts to virtually every action that can be performed in your operating system. You can record the actions of your keyboard and mouse into a macro, and then execute the action on-demand with a single keystroke or key combination. You can even set the software to automatically expand abbreviations as they’re typed, so when you type “BRB” the phrase “be right back” automatically appears. The functionality is completely customisable so you have full control over how your computer responds to specific commands. You can even convert recorded macros into .EXE files that can be launched and performed on computers that don’t have AutoHotKey installed.


This powerful web-based time management and analytics utility aids in improving efficiency by letting you track how much time you’re spending visiting specific websites, using certain apps, or viewing/editing documents. You can use the “Get Focused” feature to block distracting areas of the web (I.e. Youtube, Yahoo News, Facebook etc) based on your preferences, and you can specify how long you want the blocking to remain active. The statistical analysis provided by this tool makes it easy to see where you’re wasting time, ultimately resulting in a more productive workday. Its user-friendly interface simplifies the process of manually assigning timed portions of the day to designated tasks.


Using this free program is like having an extension of your brain tied into your computer’s operating system.EverNote takes your organization and planning capabilities to the next level by giving you a centralized interface in which you can gather and edit all kinds of digital information. You can create individual project profiles and then fill them with captured web pages, screenshots, detailed text notes, and audio memos. You can also access the software remotely, so all of the data can be shared within a network; this makes it perfect for managing group projects.


Rapportive is an amazing add-on that is compatible with FireFox, Chrome, Safari, and MailPlane. It enhances your inbox by showing you all available information about each contact from directly within the email interface. You can see their Twitter account bio and avatar, latest tweets, Facebook profile/status updates, LinkedIn profile/updates, Skype details, and much more. In essence, Rapportive significantly simplifies networking and makes it easier to get in touch with your contacts through multiple venues. When you run a web-based business efficient networking is a crucial part of improving productivity.

Author Bio: Allan Keaney has scoured the web to find ways to maximise his productivity, and is happy to share his findings with budding entrepreneurs and busy business owners. He’s written for a number of well-known company rescue and debt management groups, including TrustDeedScotland, one of the UK’s most successful debt management firms.Enhancing Business Productivity – 4 Innovative Tools Every Online Entrepreneur Should Have, 3.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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